*Book Club will meet on October 13. Details here.
*Ministry Recruitment: We will have sign-up sheets available before and after Masses until Oct. 2 for those interested in volunteering their time/talent to help with our celebration of Mass. Please be sure to check your calendars. We hope to fill all ministry openings until the end of the calendar year. This will allow us to put weekly reminders in the bulletin. If you are joining a ministry for the first time (or skills need refreshed) training will be provided. Parents, we are in desperate need of altar servers; please consider helping your child grow in faith through this great ministry.

*St Thomas More Community Health Fair will be October 22 from 10am to 2pm.

*Please see the In Memoriam page to see info on recently passed parishioners.

*Live broadcasts of daily Masses are available on our Facebook page. To view St Thomas More's Masses, visit this link.