St. Ann's parish is quickly growing, and we need your help to continue our level of service. Whatever your talent is, you can be of service to your parish and community. For example, if someone works in marketing, join the communications team. A gift of your time is also appreciated.  Being a greeter at church takes little time but makes a big impact.. Even a few hours will help and your rewards for giving and in fellowship will make it all worthwhile.

St. Ann has many organizations that serve our parish. Below are links to descriptions of the various services you can assist with. The Coordinator of each ministry is indicated.  To get involved or find out more, please contact the Church Office at 821-2909. Whatever you choose, your time and talent will be most welcome.

For more information, please select a commission below:

How do we organize parishes?

Pastor: Pastor is the title given to an ordained priest who has been delegated by the local bishop to be responsible for the sacramental ministry, preaching, and pastoral care of a parish. Although the bishop has primary responsibility for the pastoral care of the people in his diocese, each local pastor has rights and responsibilities assigned to him by canon law for the good of the parish.

Consultative Bodies: Consultative bodies are those groups of parishioners who advise and assist the pastor in the sacramental and pastoral ministry of the parish. They are called consultative bodies because their primary role is to provide recommendations in the areas of policy and procedures, general advice and counsel, and specific suggestions on parish issues and concerns. There are three types of these bodies:

  • The Pastoral Council is a consultative body that advises and assists the pastor in the areas of planning, policy making, and overall coordination of parish activities
  • Commissions are subgroups of the pastoral council responsible for recommending guidelines, developing goals, and coordinating activities in a specific area of ministry.
  • Committees are subgroups of commissions responsible for carrying out specific action plans to implement the goals and objectives of the parish for their specific areas of ministry.
  • The Finance Committee is mandated by canon law. The committee assists the pastor in the administration of temporal goods of the parish. Its actions are governed by universal Church law and by norms issued by the local bishop. A finance committee must be closely linked with the workings of the Parish Council.

Commissions and committees should work together for the good of the parish. They should relate to one another through the Pastoral Council and the work of the Pastor. Effective communication among various leadership groups can be strengthened by:

  • A written Committee report given to each Commission meeting.
  • A written Commission report given to the Pastoral Council briefly summarizing all decisions made by the committee.
  • Council members serving on other Commissions or Committees.