The blessing of the new church took place on September 26, 2009. Learn more about this wonderful event by viewing the information below and viewing three pages of pictures from the event...

Brief History of the Move to Our Latest Church:

In 1998 at the request of the Archdiocese, a study on the possible merging of St. Ann and St. Joseph parishes was explored.  Based on the study, it was determined that St. Ann should move closer to the center of Decatur Township to support the growing population. 
In 2002, a 56 acre tract of land became available at the corner of Mills and Mooresville Road and was purchased in 2003.  In January 2005, zoning was approved for the new church and in February Archbishop Buechlein granted permission for the parish to purchase the land.  The building project accelerated in 2008 with the sale of the church on Holt Road, and on June 29, 2008, a procession of cars moved from the church to the new site for the Ground Breaking Ceremony.  Rain, rain and more rain delayed the opening of the new church through June and into July, 2009. 

On Saturday, September 26th, Archbishop Daniel Buechlein formally blessed the new building of St. Ann Catholic Church on the corner of Mills and Mooresville Road in Decatur Township, Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Ministers of the Liturgy:
Presiding Celebrant
    The Most Reverend Daniel M. Buechlein, OSB, Archbishop of Indianapolis

Special Concelebrants
    Reverend Glenn L. O’Connor, Pastor of St Ann
    Reverend Harold W. Rightor II, Pastor of Annunciation, Brazil

    Priests of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis and Guest Clergy

Master Of Ceremonies
    Reverend Patrick J. Beidelman, Director of Liturgy, Office of Worship

Music Ministers
    Mike McKay, Music Coordinator and Organist
    Jim Sullivan, Director - Dedication Choir
    Linda Staten, Director - Youth Choir

    Jim Wenzlick
    Sandi Stanfield
    Tom Jennings

    Alex Betz
    Ali Fox
    Morgan O’Brien
    Dominic Valentine

Special Thanks to:

Building Ad Hoc Committe
  •     Rev. Glenn O’ Connor
  •     Jackie Cesnik
  •     Mike Cesnik
  •     Tom Gerding
  •     Susie Gill
  •     Carolyn Gornick
  •     Jack Hohman
  •     Leonard Koerber
  •     Pat Koerber
  •     Susannah Koerber
  •     Bill Mehalik
  •     Bert Rosen
  •     Jane Shireman
  •     Sandi Stanfield
  •     Theresa Tolan
  •     Lee Wenzlick
  •     Mike Yakimchick
Parish Council
  •     Ken Betz
  •     Shane Fox
  •     Ann Gardner
  •     Robin Gregory
  •     Carolyn Gornick
  •     Jack Hohman
  •     Bert Rosen
  •     Rose Slocum
  •     Sandi Stanfield
  •     Chad Swain
  •     Jim White

St. Ann Staff
  •     Kari Clendenen
  •     Chad Holland
  •     Mike McKay
  •     Kelly O’Brien
  •     Barbara Pacuch
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